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Angry Birds Cheats

ifications made out of destructible stacked blocks of various shapes, sizes and materials. As players progress through the game, new kinds of birds are unlocked. Some birds have special abilities, which can be activated “in-flight” by the player, such as accelerating rapidly or exploding.

Originally released for iPhone in December 2009, the game quickly became an international success and was ported to other platforms, including the Facebook game.


  • Unlimited and free power-ups (except Mighty Eagle and Wingman)
  • All power-ups can be used together
  • All slings are unlocked
  • Improved Laser Sight powerup


Install the browser extension, restart the web browser, and browse to the game’s web page.

The above-listed cheats will be activated automatically.


Mighty Eagle is excluded from the cheat because the game servers won’t accept your destruction score unless you spend a Mighty Eagle during the game.

Cheat screenshot

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