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Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga is a tile-matching puzzle game from

The cheat is included in the Firefox extension.

About the game

Farm Heroes Saga is another clone of PopCap’s Bejeweled Blitz, as well as King’s own Candy Crush Saga. In Farm Heroes Saga, the player swaps tiles (called cropsies) on a grid. When three or more cropsies are aligned vertically or horizontally, they disappear. The player usually must match certain numbers of certain types of tiles within a limited number of moves in order to complete the level.

The game’s levels are grouped into areas. Each area ends with a “boss” level, in which the player must defeat Rancid the Raccoon to complete the level. Instead of a per-cropsie requirement, Rancid’s health bar is reduced by matching the indicated cropsies.

Farm Heroes Saga adds a few twists to the Bejeweled formula. The most notable addition is the per-tile score: every cropsie can have a +N number,which indicates additional value. The score is increased by neighboring matches, as well as certain boosters.

Completing the requirements under the alotted number of moves activates Hero Mode, during which the tiles’ scores are increased each turn. Hero Mode makes it easier to achieve a higher score for the level, which is rewarded with Magic Beans. Magic Beans can be used to boost attacks against Rancid the Raccoon, as well as for the upkeep of companions (farm animals unlocked in certain levels), which provide beneficial effects during play.


  • Infinite lives
  • Free boosts


Install the browser extension, restart the web browser, and browse to the game’s web page.

The above-listed cheats will be activated automatically.


Cheat screenshotCheat screenshot


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